Questions Commonly Asked By Our Sellers

Q. Is it okay to call you at home or late in the evening?

A. Yes. You may call our mobile phones at your convenience. We will usually answer. If we don’t answer it’s because we can’t for some reason (we do like the movies). Please leave a message and we will return your call ASAP.

Q. Should we be home when the property is being shown?

A. It is best if you are not there. This way, buyers will not feel like they are intruding or rushed. They will be able to speak freely in front of their agent about how the property works or does not work for them. A good agent can help to resolve certain shortcomings but only if they hear about them. Interested buyers will take their time and will go through your home twice and even sit down or linger in certain rooms. They are trying to visualize or experience living there with their family. They will not be comfortable staying longer and doing this if you are there. While we say this we realize, however, that it may not always be possible to leave your home during a showing. If you must stay on the premises just stay busy in an office or in the back yard. Do not engage in a lot of conversation and try to keep a distance.

Q. What should I do if agents or buyers viewing the house start asking me questions about the property?

A. Agents should not do this and usually know better. Buyers do not know that this is not really proper and will ask a lot of different types of questions such as: are their many kids in the neighborhood and their ages, what are the neighbors like, how do you like living here, why are you moving, or where are you moving to. Some of these questions are innocent but some are improper and none of their business. Questions aimed at determing your motivation for moving are improper. Again, it is better if you are not there. If they are interested enough to make an offer these buyers should have their agent ask these questions to us, your agents.

Q. Do fresh flowers and music make a difference when a house is being shown?

A. Music is important – we suggest 94.7 “The Wave”. In our opinion an attractive scent is much more important then fresh flowers. Fresh flowers are a very nice classy touch if it’s convenient for you. If there are smokers, pets, or strong cooking odors in your home we advise our sellers to light some fragrance candles or use products such as Glade Plug-ins to create a clean and pleasant impression of your home. We often supply these fragrance devices for vacant properties and even bake brownies or cookies to create a homey pleasant scent.

Q. Must I have open houses?

A. No, this is not a must. In our opinion, however, it is a very good idea to hold one or two open houses during the first few weeks of your listing. We do feel that doing a Broker’s Preview for three hours on a Friday (10:00 AM to 1:00PM in HB) is a must. The more access and the easier the access to your home the better. It is a big mistake to make your home difficult or inconvenient to show. In a tough “buyer’s market” you cannot afford to miss a single showing opportunity.

Q. What are the most important things a buyer looks for?

A. First of all the property must “work” for the specific Buyer. Location, size, floor plan, yard size, etc. must be right AND the property must be affordable for this Buyer AND perceived as a good value relative to their other property choices. Said again, Buyers are looking for the best value at their price point or affordability point in a property that “works” for them. Beyond this there are several other things that are also very important to satisfy the buyer’s needs such as: Privacy, quietness, condition of the property, amenities and upgrades.

Q. What are the most important things I must do to make sure my property sells?

A. Three major factors must be done together to sell a property. 1.) Perceived Value! - Price must be set so that your property is a good value relative to competing homes available in your neighborhood and the comparable areas surrounding your neighborhood or the others will likely sell before yours. 2.) Showings! - Thorough marketing and maximum exposure to buyers is critical. Even with the very best marketing, however, a list price that is considered too high (by Buyers and their Agents) relative to the competing properties will result in a low number of showings. 3.) Your agent must: be very knowledgeable about your property and your community, be a highly skilled negotiator and a professional armed with the sales data and comparable property knowledge to defend againt low offers and promote your counter offers. Your agent must also be the kind of professional other realtors want to work with and be in escrow with.